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What we do

Since more then 30 years we've been supplying demanding customers in countries all over Europe
with high quality products made of plastic films of all kinds.
- Distributors with our standard assortment of plastic pockets, folders, files...
- Retailers and direct sales organizations with a wide range of special designed articles
- Custom made products to end-user companies according to their specifications
- As sub-contractor of plastic details or finalized products to international enterprises


Our offer


- Form follows function. Always.

When designing  a new product we always focus on function and use. Depending on what is required in terms of life cycle, cold- or UV-resistance, environmental criteria etc, we recommend suitable material. Polypropylene (PP), polyeten (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poly ethylene (PET) and cardboard are some of the most common material choices.
Another important design aspect is to ensure efficient and rational production. Functional packing is also a part of a successful design work.


- Brainstorming, collaboration, workshops...

We always work to find better solutions and we make inventions all the time. Often small but significant improvements of existing products, but also greater innovation that leads to protected designs and patents. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop customized solutions for their particular needs.

Welcome to discuss how we can help you too.


- Short or long series

1994 our production plant in Estonia was established. Thanks to a few dedicated investors and extensive know-how from our partners in Finland we have been able to provide demanding customers quality products made from high-frequency welded plastic films.
Today we produce in Sweden, Estonia and Finland.
Added value services as customized printing, embossing and private label production are important for many of our customers.


- Don't you?

We care about our customers and we strive to always do our best, whether it 's about finding the optimal solution to a problem or produce an urgent order. And since most things goes better with a positive attitude we try to keep that in mind in everything we do… ;-)

Of course, we also care about our common world. According to our environmental policy, we should always choose the option with minimal environmental impact. It covers everything from raw materials and packing solutions to transportation.

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Developing unique products is our everyday life.
If you want your own version of, for example, a plastic folder or expandable pocket, we can manufacture these exactly according to your wishes. Or do you want to discuss your own idea or solution?
- We look forward to hear from you. Our advice is always free!

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